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wood_buff_salt_plains-baseOn the tour, you’ll join SkyNews magazine “Wilderness Astronomer” columnist and contributing editor Peter McMahon and world-renowned aurora photographer and phototour guide Yuichi Takasaka for a personal tour of the day and night time wonders of Wood Buffalo.

World-class features of this tour include:

– view and photograph the Northern Lights from one of the best viewing locales in the world

– see the darkest skies in Canada along with the aurora – the only place where you can do so with hotel-level accommodations and amenities

wood_buff_crane– explore the park’s vast salt plains, rare wildlife habitats, deltas, rapids and other daytime wonders

– take part in the annual Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival

– enjoy guest lectures and planetarium shows with speakers from NASA, and other world-renowned science authorities

wood buffalo planetarium– all meals and transportation from Edmonton and within the park included

– gratuities and other expenses (souvenirs, etc..) extra

For more information, email Peter & Yuichi at or call 905.885.9471

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